"Great visions can only be achieved with an eye for detail and a focus on execution." - Divya Modi

About Divya Modi

Divya Modi is an entrepreneur and investor in India with a deep belief in the power of disruption through entrepreneurship to challenge the old and bring in the new, helping bring benefit to a large cross-section of people. Having worked in a corporate, yet highly entrepreneurial environment as a co-owner at a dynamic family-owned business conglomerate in Singapore, Dubai and India, she has had the opportunity to establish and set up multi-million-dollar projects, bring on board and work with great talent to build successful businesses, establish and collaborate with an accomplished board of directors and build the knowledge and confidence to deliver business goals. Among some of her leadership roles, she has led the development and successful exit of a healthcare institution, lead the restructuring of a country wide retail venture and fashioned the acquisition, turnaround and growth of a financial services player.

She is also a mentor for entrepreneurs and extends her financial expertise and operational acumen to not only for-profit businesses but also to not-for-profit ventures that have a vision of creating a large level of disruptive social impact in their field of work. She is an analytical and logical problem-solver, and believes in empowering people to bring change and impact to society as a whole.

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Perspectives, Opinions & Learnings

What Shape of Recovery will we have?

When the Covid-19 crisis hit us we all heard about the New Normal, but few of us really understood what it meant? As time passes, we are slowly but surely starting to come to grips with this new normal which essentially...

What does it mean to be an Entrepreneur in this New Normal?

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How to make career choices?

Saying 'Yes Before you're ready'

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Daughters Of Legacy

You have to enter a legacy business with the thought that this was not created by me, that I am privileged to have this opportunity and I have to see how I can add value.

The New Entrant To Family Office

Divya has recently setup Interweave Ventures, with the vision to invest in businesses in upcoming sectors, as part of the family office of the Smart Group.

Keeping It In The Family

Family-run businesses contribute 60-70 percent of GDP in most developed and developing countries. India is no exception.

What people are saying?

Life Long Learner & Thoughtful Mentor

"I have known Divya for over a decade and worked with her in Asia and the U.S. She is consistently thoughtful in identifying new opportunities, fearless in pursuing the things that she believes in, and generous with her time and energy to mentor and develop others. She is curious, and puts in the time and effort to gain the breadth and depth required to lead effectively. I treasure her as a friend, advisor, and leader.

Dr. Astrid S. Tuminez

President, Utah Valley University

Innovative Out of the Box Thinker

“Having worked with Divya for many years, I can state with confidence that she is an excellent Leader with ability to handle adversities and work in difficult situations.

Sudip Bandyopadhyay

Group Chairman- Inditrade JRG Group

People Focused

“I have worked with Divya in various businesses she has provided leadership to over the past seven years. The common theme of the businesses on hand was the challenge of either starting up a venture or turning around a difficult business she had inherited. I have in all these years found her to be ethical, people focused, wanting to invest in what would make results sustainable and indeed build a business with clear consumer benefits.

Subroto Chattopadhyay

Chairman, The Peninsula Foundation