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Ideas are just ideas if not executed! Great Mentors support you in bringing structure to your strategic thinking and help you achieve your goals of bringing technological disruption!

I believe in the importance of each of us being lifelong learners. I share my lessons of entrepreneurship, leadership, challenges, and learnings to educate, but also to be inspired and learn from the next generation of leaders.

I firmly believe that we all need to give back, create impact, and make the world a better place. I’m always looking for ways to create and support solutions that make a positive difference in the world.

Helping enterprises grow and deliver results by pursuing out-of-the-box thinking. I collaborate with funds and investors to create profitable ventures with a strong focus on value creation.

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Impactful Moments

Voices of Trust

Life Long Learner & Thoughtful Mentor

“I have known Divya for over a decade and worked with her in Asia and the U.S. She is consistently thoughtful in identifying new opportunities, fearless in pursuing the things that she believes in, and generous with her time and energy to mentor and develop others. She is curious, and puts in the time and effort to gain the breadth and depth required to lead effectively. I treasure her as a friend, advisor, and leader”

Innovative Out Of The Box Thinker

“Having worked with Divya for many years, I can state with confidence that she is an excellent Leader with ability to handle adversities and work in difficult situations. Leading in difficult times is the test of a leader. Divya is also an excellent hands on Manager with great eye for detail. She can add immense value to any organisation with her indepth analysis and innovative out of the box thinking.”

People Focused

“I have worked with Divya in various businesses she has provided leadership to over the past seven years. The common theme of the businesses on hand was the challenge of either starting up a venture or turning around a difficult business she had inherited. I have in all these years found her to be ethical, people focused, wanting to invest in what would make results sustainable and indeed build a business with clear consumer benefits. We worked closely when she provided leadership to Wall Street Finance which was turned around in a relatively short period of time, we subsequently worked on launching Saket City Hospital, which was in many ways a start up. In this journey she found a business algorithm and a consumer proposition which helped stabilise the financial health of the company and in parallel offer a robust consumer offering. She is a good listener, empathetic, invests in processes and keeps a big picture in mind while pursuing her strategic initiatives.”

Value Creator

“Divya has always created great value in all the businesses that she has been involved in. She has been a great asset to our group and to my businesses; and is now at a stage where she has the experience, knowledge, drive and education to build on and contribute great value to society as a whole”

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I understand that entrepreneurs work with constraints galore. All they look for is support, established connections, and guidance to face non-ideal situations and deliver exceptional results.

If you have a disruptive idea or a social cause and need my guidance and/or support in achieving it.

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