Why we need more mentors for entrepreneurs in India?

Some of us have been fortunate to have had business mentors in our careers that have changed our thinking or taught us invaluable lessons. Being an entrepreneur is a lonely path and having a mentor with you in your journey can provide a great value add in several different ways. I’ve been fortunate to have had several mentors in my career and some of the key learnings that have stayed with me have been:

  1. The importance of having a vision: One of the first things my mentor asked me was “what are you trying to create?” He taught me the value of having a vision as the leader. While detailing out your product or solution, it’s very important to have a bigger vision of what is the problem that you’re trying to solve.
  2. Realize there are other stakeholders in your business: When we build a business, we tend to get so invested in it that we forget that there are other stakeholders in our business as well. This was something I learnt very early on when taking a decision on whether to sell my business or not. My mentor made me realize that as an entrepreneur I was the custodian for building the business and not the sole stakeholder of the business.
  3. The value of having a different perspective: The biggest value my business mentors provided me was having someone whom I could discuss my ideas with. Someone who listens to my thoughts and is able to re-frame them from a different perspective. As an entrepreneur you constantly need to find new ways to reach your goal and having someone whom you can discuss your ideas with can be invaluable.

Most successful entrepreneurs I’ve met have received mentorship in some form or the other, so thinking about having one or several mentors in your entrepreneurial journey could prove to be very valuable. While each mentor-mentee relationship works differently, bringing in someone else’s learnings and experience in an area that you are still a novice in can only bring a broader perspective to your thinking. So, as you look to build your business’s board of directors, think about building your own advisory board of mentors whom you can call upon whenever needed.

  • Neeta Boochra
    Posted at 10:42 AM, 16 November Reply

    Look forward to more such valuable information .

  • Prem Barthasarathy
    Posted at 08:03 PM, 17 November Reply

    If only dictionary could be rewritten, one would exercise effort to include “risk management” as one of the meanings of mentor. Risk management is an art and predominantly comes from experience.

    It is important that an entreprenuer needs a mentor not just for bouncing ideas and to be trained, but most importantly to take a “pause” when the mentor acts as his/ her “speed breaker” / “course corrector” to ensure the focus is retained.

    A mentor would be failing in his/ her duty if there isn’t a constructive challenge. At the same time, entreprenuers will be failing in their duty if they are not receptive to these challenges provided in order to further finesse their thinking. Needless to say, both these are essential to ensure that the mentor-mentee relationship and subsequently the business is successful.

  • Ipsita
    Posted at 10:54 AM, 18 November Reply

    Very well said. Mentorship is even more critical for women entrepreneurs as it is a lonelier path full of doubtful eyes if not skeptical eyes!!

  • Rinku Paul
    Posted at 11:10 AM, 24 November Reply

    Couldn’t agree more! The right mentor can make a world of a difference. As we navigate our own entrepreneurial journeys, each of us needs to pay it forward.

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