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How is Technology impacting Education delivery in India in today’s times?

Today most of us are experiencing the value of technology in delivering education at home firsthand. Remote learning has suddenly become very real for most of us and for the ones that can’t do virtual schooling, Edtech companies are offering the opportunity to keep our children engaged and learning while staying indoors.

I’ve always been a believer in technology disrupting education in a big way and while good teachers will continue to increase the use of technology, to aid teaching and improve understanding and interest of students, technology will only continue to form a bigger part of our children’s daily lives going forward.

Already we see most private schools using some form of technology in their lesson delivery, parent communication and at home practice. And while our government examination system is still to catch up with the learning requirements of today, there is already a shift in the way children are learning these days. So, what does all of this mean for technology entrepreneurs and Edtech investors in India?.

It means that there will be different trends that will drive education technology companies and today we have only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of the reach existing Edtech companies have achieved compared to where they can potentially grow too. It will also mean that we will need to look at different business models and user groups and figure out which Edtech venture models will find growth today, and which would need to wait for a few more years for greater adoption.

And while most ventures today focus on creating content, which maybe critical, I don’t think that it would take away the value of also having great platform ventures, who would deliver a variety of content to users. Whether they be teacher aid videos or personalized learning curriculum for self-learning.

Edtech in India is still in its early days, as students, parents and schools are all learning how to adopt to the impact of technology on their lives, and the next decade will only bring into the fray more interesting opportunities for venture capital investors in India.

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