“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
- Nelson Mandela

Giving underprivileged children access to the opportunities that would allow them to flourish and grow, is the core of any impact work that we support. Societies around the world will develop and change when the next generation of youth get access to good education, healthcare and job opportunities that would allow them to uplift themselves from their present circumstances and positively change the environment around them.

Some of the Stories...

A 12-year-old girl residing in the slums of Delhi, who had lost her father 4 years back, recently lost her mother to Covid. She resides with her grandmother, who works as a domestic help. With interventions from Protsahan India Foundation, the family now gets a regular supply of food and sanitary supplies along with an access to textbooks and stationary supplies for the young girl, so she can continue her education. She is also connected to one of the child protection centers managed by the team, through which she gets access to digital devices for studies during school closures due to the pandemic and gets to meet her peer group, to have a support network of friends around her.

2 sisters aged 7 and 11 years old had been abandoned by their mother at a young age and were living with their grandparents, as their father is mentally unwell. With the team’s support, the family is now getting a constant supply of food and educational items. Additionally, the girls are provided with a happiness kit, comprising of masks, sanitary supplies, and stationery. They are also enrolled at Protsahan India Foundation’s local STEM digital lab in their slum area, that is setup for adolescent girls. Here they are being provided with access to online learning on a regular basis.

A pre-teen girl resides in the slums of Delhi with her 5 siblings. Her father is a dairy farmer, and her mother is mentally unwell. In April 2021, the team got all the children admitted to a local government school, and the three daughters of the family were enrolled for support and life skill sessions at Protsahan India Foundation’s local child protection center. The family is also provided with a constant support of food and health kits that would allow the children get their basic dietary needs met and support them in their development.